Damselflies - huubdewaard
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Large red damselfly, made with magnification 4, f/16, ISO 100 and 1/250 sec. using a Canon 7D and a Canon macro lens MP-E 65mm/f2.8.

The Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) is a European damselfly. It is one of the first damselflies to emerge in the year. It inhabits ponds and dykes, and occasionally slow-moving rivers. Females occur in many colour forms, but all have yellow bands around the abdominal segments. They can easily be confused with Small red damselflies. One of the most common damselflies, the Large Red Damselfly is often the first damselfly to emerge, usually in April or May. They inhabit a variety of waters, and on a summer day the dash of red perfectly complements the blue of Azure and Common Blue Damselflies (ref': Wikipedia).

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