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Right eye common carder-bee, picture has been made with magnification factor 4 and f/14 while the bee was running over a flower, using a Canon 7D and Canon macrolens MP-E 65mm/f2.8

Bombus pascuorum, the Common Carder-bee, is a species of bumblebee belonging to the family Apidae subfamily Apinae tribus Bombini. They are present in most of Europe in a wide variety of habitats such as meadows, pastures, waste ground, ditches and embankments, road, field margins, as well as gardens and parks in urban areas and forests and forest edges.

These bees reach a body length of 15–18 millimetres (Queen), 9–15 millimetres (worker) or 12-14 millimetres (drone). Their wingspan is 28 to 32 mm (Queen), 20 to 28 mm (worker) or 24 to 27 mm (drone) (source: Wikipedia).

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