Portrait springtail (Allacma fusca) with a size of around 2 mm, made with magnification factor 10 and f/7.1. Members of Collembola are normally less than 6 mm long. Most species have an abdominal, tail-like appendage, the furcula, that is folded beneath the body to be used for jumping when the animal is threatened. It is held under tension by a small structure called the retinaculum and when released, snaps against the substrate, flinging the springtail into the air. All of this takes place in as little as 18 milliseconds (ref. Wikipedia).

Huub de Waard

I am living in the Eastern part of Holland and I am fascinated by the details of insects. My specialism is micro photography, where macro's are made with magnification factors larger than 1. The challenge is to make photo''s with a sufficiently large sharpness area, without making use of a tripod. My interest is not limited to macro photography, also landscape photography and bird photography have my interest.

My equipment consists of a Canon 7D, a Canon macro lens MP-E 65 mm f/2.8, a Canon macro flash Twin Lite MT-24 EX and one or more teleconverters.

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